1st Place in Sports App Category

21 Years

of Mobile Contents Business

$10 Million

PSYNET’s Net Income for 2019

PSYNET is a compound word on “Psychology” and “Network”, 

which means connection of human psychology.

Also the connection between people and people’s psychology,

as well as and the metaphorical expression of connecting

People to objects, people and information and all relationships.

Just like the name of our corporation , we started our business with dating psychology social media in early 2000.

In 2002, led to early growth in the mobile related market with real-time text broadcasting of 2002 World Cup.

Currently, we are operating  Korea’s No.1 sports APP “LIVE Score” and“Hi there”

 which lead the domestic mobile dating social media market as our main business.

We developed Shinsaegae Group’s payment system SSGPAY and

Have been maintaining it.

PSYNET is becoming mobile business corporation that leads 

a hyper-connected society by researching and developing

 algorithms Between people and people.


-2020 consumer Evaluation App awards winner!

-Achieved 100 million page views per day on average!

-Over 7 million downloads!

-20th Anniversary of PSYNET.


-No.1 sales in Sports App Category!

-Over 5 million downloads!

-$7 million dollars in annual net income!

-(MOIBA)Korea Mobile Internet Business Association’s

  overseas business expansion support company.


-Over 3 million downloads

-Established an open platform for Match Preview.

-One year maintenance contract with Sinsaege SSG PAY

-Selected as Google Play Store recommendation App

-NIPA(National IT Industry Promotion Agency’s

  overseas business expansion support company.

2011 - 2016

-Launched an overseas version of LIVEScore,

 No.1 Sports App in Sports App Category in Korea.

-Established Shinsegae easy payment system.

-Developed Sinsegae Swallet digital wallet.

-Developed Sports Toto’s official mobile App.

-3 Million downloads for HI THERE, 1.4 million 

 downloads for LIVEScore

-Developed Samsung global mobile brand website.

-The mobile part developer of Hyundai’s smart car         project.

-Developed Android Widgets for Samsung Embedded     smart phone.

2006 - 2010

-Developed Yonhap News iOS,  Android BADA APP.

-Developed Seoul city’s SANGSANGJAEAN App and the  location search App.

-Developed KT E-Voucher solution.

-Developed SK C&C Digital wallet platform

-Developed Blackberry groupware and NateOn  messenger.

-Developed SKT T Store App.

2000 - 2005

-Winner of the best business partner of SKT

-Developed Sports GUI

-Operated NATE VIP ZONE, the marketing channel of SKT.

-Winner of the main operator of SKT voucher business.

-2002 World Cup exclusive mobile broadcast.

-Established PSYNET Corporation.

    Fringe Benefits

Birthday Celebration Payment

Give away prize money and a cake

on an employees’ Birthday.

Holiday Expenses

Holiday expenses are provided for employees.

Collaborative Incentives

Every 3 months, employees vote to

recommend and offer incentives to

those with outstanding collaboration Work performance.

Family Event Expenses

Payment of family event expenses for employees themselves and their families.

Good Morning Drinks

Free daily morning dairy drinks for employees’ health.

Business Partnerships

PSYNET Corporation provides mobile solutions for leading Korean companies

such as Samsung Electronics, SK Telecom and Shinsegae,

and works with global AD network companies.